Friday, September 25, 2020

Why Burglars Target Certain Homes Over Others

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Nobody wants to experience coming home to find that your house has been burglarized. It’s a nightmare that leaves many people wondering “why me?” While some burglars strike impulsively without a strategy, many strategize and plan their crimes ahead of time. To help prevent a burglar from targeting your home, it’s important to understand why burglars target certain homes over others.

Below are a few reasons a burglar might target your home over another, along with techniques that will make your home less attractive to potential burglars:

Corner House

Due to accessibility and the ability to escape without the fear of multiple neighbors watching, burglars often target corner houses. While you can’t change the fact that your house is located on the corner of your block, you can take measures to protect your corner home. Motion-detecting lights, sturdy doors, and a security system can all help you deter burglars.

Obvious Signs of Valuables

Obvious signs of valuables in and around your home are also more likely to attract burglars. Just seeing a nice car in the driveway alerts a burglar that there may be valuable items inside. Limit the visibility of your valuable items by closing blinds and parking your car in the garage.

No Dog

Dogs can sense when something isn’t right, and a bark can alert owners to a potential intruder. Burglars know this, and tend to stay away from homes with dogs when choosing a target. Considering getting a dog? Think of keeping burglars away as an added bonus to their love and affection! But you should only get a dog if you are prepared to undertake the responsibilities that come with having a pet.

Empty House  

Most people assume that home break-ins occur at night, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While night-time robberies do occur, over half of take place between 6am-6pm. Strategic burglars will watch the home they’re targeting to find out when the house is empty during the day. Catching on to the homeowners’ work or school schedules, these burglars will strike the house once everyone is gone for the day.

Unlocked Windows and Door

Locking windows and doors seems like an obvious way to keep your home safe and sound, but many people tend to forget this simple step. Although a locked door doesn’t guarantee full safety, it helps deter impulsive burglars and those looking for an easy target.

No Alarm System

Finally, intruders are less likely to target a homes equipped with home security systems. No thief wants to attract the attention a security alarm or camera will bring. Just seeing a security system sticker on the door or in the yard will deter would-be burglars.

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