Monday, July 27, 2020

Why Your Business Should Have Video Surveillance

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Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, including making sure that every aspect of your business is protected. The benefits of video surveillance will take your catapult your organization’s security to a new level. It’s a smart investment that will keep your building, employees and customers protected.

Learn more about the benefits of video surveillance for your business.

Reduces the Chance of Theft
Perhaps the greatest benefit, surveillance cameras help reduce the chance of both external and internal theft. From shoplifting to armed robbery, many businesses are at risk of theft. However, burglars are less likely to target businesses with surveillance equipment.

Video cameras also provide eyes and ears to protect your business and help authorities in the event of an incident. If a burglary occurs, the system provides clear video footage to help law enforcement, showing facial features and other important details.

In addition to burglary, 64% of businesses fall victim to employee theft. Video surveillance also helps reduce the chances of employee theft. Employees are much less likely to take advantage of their position or access if they know they’re being monitored.

Improves Safety
Protecting employees and customers in the workplace is just as important as protecting the business itself. The presence of security cameras can help your employees feel and stay safe. Whether employees worry about break-ins, property vandalism, or internal issues, video surveillance lets them- and customers- know they are protected.

Improves Customer Experience
In addition to protecting your employees, video surveillance benefits your customers. Customers will have an overall better experience with your business if they feel safe in your establishment. Owners can even use footage to study customers’ shopping habits or patterns, making alterations to ensure a better shopping experience.

Resolves Conflicts
Video surveillance can also provide proof of what actually happened in the event of internal conflict. The information provided by camera footage can help easily resolve employee disputes. Management can clearly assess the situation and help employees come to an agreement.

Offers Peace of Mind
Finally, video surveillance offers peace of mind to business owners and managers. With an extra set of eyes watching your organization, you can focus on other important aspects of your business. With continuous, automated recording and clear images, you can rest easy knowing your organization is secure and protected.

Video surveillance cameras do much more than catch criminals. Designed to secure, protect, and monitor, video cameras benefit businesses both large and small. At Sonitrol, we offer video surveillance systems options with a number of advantages. Contact Sonitrol today and learn how we can help protect your business.