Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How to Prevent Package Theft

prevent package theft 

The holidays should be a time of giving, but many criminals take advantage of this busy time of year. In 2015, 11 million Americans were victims of package theft. During the holiday rush, making complaints to your local post office or shipping companies can be time consuming. Luckily, you can take certain steps to prevent package theft.

Here are five tips for preventing package theft and keeping the holidays merry and bright.

Put packages on hold
When tracking your order, you may realize that your package is scheduled to deliver while you’re out of town. Don’t just cross your fingers that the package will still be there when you return. Instead, call the delivery service to place your package on hold. Specify a convenient delivery date when you’ll be home to receive your items. Just know that some companies may charge a fee for rescheduling delivery times.

Deliver packages to your workspace
If you work long hours, your package might be scheduled to deliver while you’re at work. Instead of shipping items to your home where they are at risk of theft, have packages delivered to your workplace or a trusted friend’s house.

Request a signature upon delivery
You can also request a signature upon deliver to package theft. That way if you aren’t home to sign, the courier will simply leave a note on your door and deliver your package later. If a courier leaves a package without getting a signature and it is stolen or damaged, he or she is liable to legal action for violating protocol. You will also receive a full refund or replacement from the delivery company.

Get package insurance
Ordering expensive items like electronics? Consider paying for package insurance. Although it adds on an extra cost to your purchase, it can save you time and money in the long run. You should also insure time-sensitive purchases like holiday gifts. Otherwise, you may not have time to find a replacement if your package is stolen.

Install a security system
Security systems not only help protect your home from break-ins, but also help prevent package theft. Choose a security system with video cameras that can record your front entrance. Video surveillance provides the highest level of security for your home. Criminals are less likely to attempt a theft or a break-in if they know they will be recorded.

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