Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fire Protection Systems for a New Generation of Homeowners

It's not every day that people witness some type of fire in a home. The reality is that fires still occur in residences all over the country. That's why it's important to have some type of fire protection that is part of your home security system.

In the United States, 60% of all deaths caused by fires in a home are due to a lack of properly functioning smoke detectors. Moreover, close to 90% of all deaths related to fires take place inside a home. It also does not take a towering inferno to result in a fatal situation. It only takes two minutes for a fire to spread and be considered a threat to human life.

Fire protection has also gone beyond the traditional connotation. For instance, there are reasons to contact the fire department outside of a fire. A home’s security could be threatened by a gas leak, electrical problem or high levels of carbon monoxide. Having a system that alerts you to these types of problems can actually help to prevent a disaster.

For many years, people relied on basic smoke detectors to protect them against a potential fire. In the present day, technology has evolved and new systems can provide a greater umbrella of protection. For example, the installation of a monitored system that checks for excess heat, carbon monoxide and smoke will significantly lower the risk of a potential fire.

Modern systems also have the ability to identify a rapid increase in temperature. This will trigger a notification and alarm. It can even monitor the situation when you are away from home. The system can be programmed to send a signal directly to the fire department and help could be on the way immediately.

Another benefit of modern fire protection systems is that they continue to operate even when the system is disarmed. This can be achieved with professional monitoring, another perk of having a modern home security system.

Smoke detection has also come a long way with these security systems. Some smoke alarm systems provide updates every hour to ensure your home is always free from smoke. The careful and precise monitoring of smoke and heat levels are reducing the number of house fires every year. It is a new age of fire protection and a smart system is a way to keep your family safe.

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