Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Surveillance Cameras and Your Home Security System

Video surveillance is a major component of any home security system. These components are often the lifeblood of security systems as they provide real-time footage of what is going on. Here is a look at how to maximize surveillance cameras outside your home.

The advent of Wi-Fi systems has not made it necessary to position cameras right next to power outlets. This gives homeowners a lot of flexibility when it comes to positioning their surveillance cameras.

The most optimal places to position surveillance cameras is by any doorways. About one-third of burglars attempt to enter a home through the front door. So it's good to have a camera at the front door as it will give you a clear view of whoever is trying to gain access to your home, even if it is just a delivery man ringing your doorbell.

It should also be noted that surveillance cameras should not be placed anywhere that violates the privacy of your neighbor. There are actually laws that prohibit this, and each set of privacy laws differ on a state-to-state basis. The basis is that the security camera may capture footage that is not related to actual security. Be mindful of your neighbors when setting up your surveillance cameras.

If your home is fronted by a driveway and garage, then it is a prime area for a surveillance camera. Thieves may attempt to gain access to your home using this point of entry.

As a general rule, cameras should be installed anywhere from eight to ten feet off the ground. It is an optimal height that will be able to focus on any would-be criminals and still out of reach for most people.

Keep in mind that outdoor video surveillance cameras are going to have to deal with the elements of Mother Nature. This is important in the selection process as you want a camera that will be able to hold up to the conditions. And if it is possible, install the camera where there is some type of covering as it will help protect its life and functionality.

Homeowners must also make a decision as to whether they want their surveillance cameras to be obscured or visible. Ones that are out in the open act as a deterrent, but are also vulnerable to vandalism. A special type of protective casing can be placed around the camera so it is more difficult to damage.

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