Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Maintain Monitoring in a Power Outage

With Sonitrol Security SC

In the event of a power outage, homes and businesses become more of a vulnerable target for burglars and criminals. However, security systems can still provide a line of defense even when there is no power. Here's a look at how security monitoring works during a power outage.

Backup Power

Many security systems have a backup battery that will get you through an outage. There are different time lengths as to how long this backup battery will last. Most batteries will power the security system for a full day after an outage. Systems differ according to the type of backup battery, while extended power outages may call for other measures. Backup batteries are also available for purchase and can help in power outages that may span several days.

Remote Monitoring

A power outage can severely impact a business as it leaves it susceptible to looters and trespassers. Installing a remote monitoring system will account for all types of conditions. This includes potential leaks, sudden changes in temperatures, and other environmental factors. When there is an outage, this type of monitoring system will send a notification to the homeowner or person in charge of the business. This is particularly important for business owners, who can then take necessary action to secure their property.

Camera Functionality

It is common to ask whether video cameras will still function in the event of a power outage. That all depends on how that camera is powered. Some cameras are powered by batteries that rely on solar panels. This allows for a limitless supply of power. When selecting a battery for your security camera, consider how it will function storing a power outage.


Some security systems need to be restored after a power outage. This involves entering the appropriate system codes. When purchasing an alarm system that needs to be reset after a power outage, it's a good idea to get familiar with all the essentials, including what codes to type in for restoration. This occurs more in units that are self-monitored and requires homeowners and business owners to be informed.

Natural Disasters

Monitoring is extremely important in areas that are prone to natural disasters. After a natural disaster, it is often recommended to shut down the main source of power assuming there is a real threat. When that occurs, backup batteries only last so long, which makes it ideal to have a generator. This is a way of maintaining monitoring during an elongated power outage.

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