Monday, May 21, 2018

Ways to Prevent Burglars That Take Only Seconds

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At Sonitrol, we are always looking to be on the cutting edge of security technology. Sometimes, though, preventing a theft can be as easy as locking your door. Here are a few ways to prevent burglars that take only a matter of seconds.

Lock Doors and Windows

We often overlook locking doors and windows, despite the fact that it’s one of the best ways to prevent burglars. Often, criminals will try doors or windows first to see if they are unlocked, and then simply walk into your home.

Whenever you leave the house or go to bed at night, make sure your doors or windows are locked. While it might be tempting to leave the house unlocked for a few moments to run an errand, take those few seconds to secure your home, no matter how long you will be gone.

Install Curtains

The perfect curtain can do more than just pull a room together- it can also deter thieves. Many burglars peak into windows to see if there is anything worth breaking in for. Thicker curtains can deter thieves by keeping your rooms away from prying eyes.

Put Away Toys

Leaving expensive toys, like bicycles, out on the front lawn can signal to thieves that you may have something inside worth stealing. To prevent this, have your children put away their toys when they are finished playing with them. Also consider taking other expensive items like grills inside to prevent the same issue.

Don’t Hide Spare Keys Outside

At some time in your life, you’ll lock yourself out of the house. While it’s tempting to leave a key hidden in case of this situation, consider that most thieves have caught on and can easily find the key for their own use. Instead of hiding your keys somewhere outside, give them to a trusted neighbor so that you still have a back up plan while keeping your home secure.

Check Your Mail

An overflowing mailbox signals to a burglar that you are not home and that your house is an easy target. Picking up your mail everyday and newspaper can prevent an unwelcome surprise when you get home. If you are leaving town, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper everyday to make it look as if you are still coming and going.

Security does not have to be complicated, and the easiest ways to prevent a burglary can be quite simple. Yet the tips we outlined above should not be the only ones to follow. Comprehensive home security also requires advanced technology, like our Sonitrol systems, to make your home truly safe from burglaries.

At Sonitrol, we would love to talk to you about the best ways to prevent burglaries and the best security system for you. Contact us today to see what Sonitrol SC can do for you.