Monday, January 8, 2018

How to Make a Home Safe for Children

make home safe for kids

Although your home may be safe for an adult, everyday objects can be surprisingly dangerous to children. In fact, household injuries are one of the top reasons children under three are taken to the ER. If you’re expecting a child or already have children, make sure you know how to make a home safe for children.

Here are five tips for making your home as safe as possible for your little ones.

Childproof the kitchen

One of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the house is the kitchen. To prevent injuries, store knives, scissors, and other sharp objects in a locked cabinet or drawer. Consider keeping your dishwasher locked as well so that children cannot hurt themselves opening it or with the items inside.  

You should also keep children away from hot stoves, and begin practicing the “no” command with your child. Finally, restrict entry to the kitchen with a baby gate.

Hide cleaning products

Many kitchen and bathroom cleaners are extremely toxic if ingested. Keep laundry detergents and all cleaning products out of reach in a locked cabinet. Medicines and creams should also be kept out of reach, as these can be harmful or even deadly when used improperly.

Keep pet food in locked containers, and make sure insect sprays are also kept out of reach. If you suspect that your child has ingested something, contact the poison control center immediately.

Remove choking hazards

Small, everyday objects can pose a serious choking hazard to curious children. Even the most seemingly harmless objects can have disastrous results if your child gets ahold of it. Round or oval objects that are less than an inch in diameter can block a young child’s throat and cause fatal choking.

To prevent your child from choking, keep hazardous items out of their reach, and always keep an eye on your children when they are playing with small toys like Legos or even broken crayons, as these objects can pose a serious risk.  

Fasten furniture to the wall

Heavy furniture, such as dressers, should always be fastened to the wall to prevent them from falling on a young child. Mount TVs to the wall instead of on a table that they can fall off of. Children are either at risk of the item falling directly on them or beside them where they could cut themselves walking over the glass.

Other items that could fall on your child and hurt him include breakable items like photo frames and glass decorations. If your child knocks over a porcelain accent or a photo frame and shatters the glass, it could cause serious injuries.

Install a security system

Parents are natural worriers, and it can be hard to achieve peace of mind when worrying about your child’s safety. You may hesitate to even leave your child with a babysitter if you are truly worried for his or her well-being. A home security system is the perfect way to add an extra layer of protection for your child.

Installing security cameras may also provide peace of mind since you can check up on your child while you are out of the house. Security systems will also alert law enforcement if a break-in is detected. Security systems protect your family and will immediately call the police in situations where you may not be able to.

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